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Software Firm Solar Analytics Receives Grant for Peer-to-Peer Energy Exchange

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The Australian solar energy software firm Solar Analytics have been hand-picked as one of the 12 companies from 450 startup companies around the world to participate in developing peer-to-peer solar energy trading in the Asia-Pacific region as reported by Ecogeneration.

The Solar Analytics project involves:

  • Deploying a peer-to-peer shared electricity platform that will connect solar and non-solar owners
  • Providing affordable solar electricity to the community
  • The platform will enable solar homeowners and businesses to choose different options on how to sell their electricity surplus
  • Non-solar households will be able to choose to whom and what price they want to get the surplus power

The Elemental Excelerator program provides Solar Analytics with a remarkable opportunity to take advantage of the high energy awareness in Australia and Hawaii, to develop and launch a platform that will increase solar uptake and improve electricity options for local communities

Dr. Renate Egan, Cofounder of Solar Analytics

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