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Solar Electric Sports Car Can Run All Day Using Sun Power       

The Tesla Roadster will have the need to stop, plug and recharge, even with a remarkable driving range of 400 miles or 643.73 kilometres. Now, there’s a new electric sports car that will hit the market soon and boast of having to stop, plug and recharge using a wall socket as reported by Inhabitat.

The Melbourne-based EVX Ventures has revealed details about their new electric sports car called the Immortus. The Immortus is a two-seater electric car that can travel great distances on sunny days, thanks to its 75 sq. ft. of solar PVs installed in its exterior.

The Immortus’ design is based on the technology from a project that was funded by Australia’s Aurora Solar Car Team. The car weighs only 1,212 lbs. and is lightweight for its class and possessing an aerodynamic sports car looks like nothing else on the road today. The electric sports car uses a 10 kWh lithium-ion battery to power its twin electric motors. At night or on non –sunny days, the Immortus has a driving range of 248 miles (399.12 kilometres). When there’s barely any sunshine, the electric car can travel far as long as the average speed is around 37 mph (59.55 kph). EVX estimates that if the speed is increased to around 53 mph, the car will have a total driving range of 342 miles (550.40 kilometres).

The firm has not announced any production date or time frame, but it doesn’t expect to sell more than 100 units. The Immortus price tag at around $370,000. According to Barry Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of EVX Ventures, Tesla is a mass manufacturer of cars while their company is a designer of boutique custom electric cars and other aftermarket products.

And even if EVX doesn’t have any plan to produce a significant number of the electric sports car, the advances in the solar-powered technology can one day be used in more consumer-friendly vehicles.

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Image credit: Inhabitat



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