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Solar Spotlight: Sunergy Solar

Today the spotlight is on Sunergy Solar and we’re speaking with Tony Smith, founder and Managing Director. For anyone in the Bendigo and Geelong regions of Victoria you should all know that Sunergy Saves You Munergy!

STC Spotlight Sunergy Solar and Batteries

Tony, with over 10 years of operation, what makes Sunergy Solar successful?

We only sell quality products with solid Australian warranty support.  As an example, LG solar and batteries are backed by LG. Our budget-friendly panel is from Trina Solar who have been in Australia for over 10 years and have stood behind their product for all that time. We can ensure the quality of installation through our qualified internal install crews – subcontractors are unaccountable and if there’s a short cut, they’ll take it. Then a few dollops of good old customer service and here we are – a solid, trusted solar installer in our 11th year of operation.

What are the benefits of buying solar and batteries together? 

If you’re doing both together it will cost less than doing solar now and a battery later. This is because it’s only one visit, and it can be planned together as it’s only one inspection fee etc. It’s also a misconception that prices are coming down – as an example, Tesla just raised their prices by 10% because their batteries contain cobalt which is increasing in price.  Furthermore, the installation regulations are becoming more complex meaning higher installation costs.

What is the ideal solar and battery set up? 

If you want the absolute best, you can’t go past LG solar panels, Enphase microinverters and Tesla Power Wall. For more budget-friendly battery setups, consider an LG battery with a GoodWe hybrid inverter and your choice of panels.

So if you’re sharing advice to homeowners just starting their solar journey, what research do you recommend customers undertake before buying solar panels? 

Quality solar is like a 3 legged stool – cut on of the legs of and the stool will topple over. The 3 legs of quality solar are product quality, installation quality and the business expertise of the solar retailer. 

  • #1 Product Quality:  Look for brands where the manufacturer is present in Australia (that means way more than a serviced office and a local phone number).  That’s why we recommend brands such as LG, SMA, Fronius, Enphase and Tesla. 
  • #2 Installation Quality:  It’s a fact you will get a better quality installation from a company with it’s own internal install team.  That way we control the installation quality and you have “one throat to choke” if you need support down the line. 
  • #3 Business maturity:  Synergy is now in its 11th year.  We’ve ridden the ups and downs of business conditions and those original customers can still approach us for service and support.

Why do you think customers should ask about panels, or panels and batteries together? 

I would be asking your solar supplier to provide a savings estimate based on your smart meter interval data and electricity rates.

Do most of your customers buy solar panels and batteries at the same time? 

Very few buy them together.  That’s probably because we tell the truth about the financial returns to be expected.

Are there any circumstances where you would recommend buying solar first and batteries later

Yes, we mostly suggest this unless people really want to do both together.

What rebates are currently on offer in VIC that homeowners can take advantage of? 

On a typical 6.6kW solar array, there is a federal incentive worth approximately $3000 for Bendigo, ($2600 Geelong).  In addition there is a Victorian Solar rebate of $1850 available for solar or $4174 for a battery.  You can claim either the Victorian solar rebate or the battery rebate, but not both.

Readers in the Bendigo and Geelong regions are welcome to contact Sunergy Solar & Batteries –  the home of LG solar, Enphase micro inverters and Tesla Power Wall.

Customers can reply on quality solar made to last. Talk to Sunergy Solar today, or visit the Bendigo store, opposite Maccas on Eaglehawk Road, Cal Gully.

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