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SolarEdge launches string residential inverters for the Australian market

SolarEdge has changed the Australian PV market with two distinct single phase inverter solutions:

  • HD-Wave Genesis
  • Energy Hub

HD-Wave Genesis

The HD-Wave Genesis boasts game-changing design simplicity. It is a cost-effective inverter solution that is ideal for roofs of any shape, and homeowners working with any budget.

The design is based on SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology, the world’s most installed residential inverter. The Genesis combines the traditional SolarEdge benefits such as DC-optimised production, advanced safety and long-term warranties with new levels of convenience giving you easier designs and faster installations.

Only one PV string is needed with just one DC isolator for systems up to 6.7kW DC (with a 5kW Genesis inverter). Solar installers are free to design the best set up for customers without any restrictions regarding panel type, orientation, or azimuth.

Installers can continue to leverage SolarEdge’s panel-level visibility for remote system monitoring and troubleshooting, while mySolarEdge gives homeowners a Dashboard view to simply track their system production and consumption (with an external energy meter).

Inverter range: 3kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8.25kW, 10kW

Energy Hub

The Energy hub is a single inverter that provides flexible solutions that meet homeowners’ evolving energy needs. The SolarEdge energy hub is expected to be available in Q2 2021.

Energy Hub uses the latest innovations in smart energy management, allowing installers to provide homeowners peace of mind that they’re working with marketing-leading inverter solutions. With SolarEdge’s Energy Hub, homeowners will no longer have to choose between solutions, as this inverter provides one comprehensive, modular platform that covers all necessary features. 

The Energy Hub is also future-proofed, allowing homeowners to connect solar batteries at a later date. This leaves homeowners with a smart energy management system that maximises saving and can adapt to evolving energy needs.

To learn the full range functions of SolarEdge’s inverter solutions, and how these benefit installers and homeowners, read more on their website. If you have further questions, please browse our website or contact us to learn more.

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