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This Week in Solar: Australia can be a ‘renewable energy superpower

This Week in Solar: Australia can be a ‘renewable energy superpower

1. How Lighting Conditions Affect Solar Panel Efficiency

Understanding the ways you can make the system more efficient and make the most of the lighting conditions you have is a very important part of a quality solar system.

Learn more about lighting conditions and how it can affect your solar system’s efficiency in our recent blog post.

2. ‘Enormous opportunities’: NSW’s green economic recovery from COVID-19

Environment Minister Matt Kean is calling for a green-led recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

NSW will pursue large-scale hydrogen production as part of its attempt to tackle the COVID-19 economic crisis, with Newcastle and Port Kembla identified as critical hubs for tens of thousands of new export jobs.

3. From cottage industry to $7bn powerhouse: How Australian solar grew 100-fold in a decade

Falling technology prices and high electricity costs helped Australia’s solar industry rise to new records in 2019, according to new analysis, capping off a decade which saw Australian solar capacity grow by almost 100-fold in just ten years.

4. Windbreak walls for solar farms

Iasol has developed a new way to protect solar plants in windy conditions. The Spanish developer said the solution barely has an impact on project costs or output, while preventing expensive damages.

5. South Australia’s biggest solar farm finally moves to full production

The biggest solar farm in South Australia, and what would have been the biggest solar complex in Australia had it been completed earlier, is finally moving towards full production – nearly two years after its original plans.

6. ‘Electrify everything’: Cannon-Brookes calls for east-west solar cables to power Australia

Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes says massive investments in renewable energy initiatives like the $22 billion Sun Cable project could lift Australia out of recession by creating jobs, lowering power prices and generating new export revenue streams.

7. Australia can be a ‘renewable energy superpower’, Anthony Albanese declares

The federal Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, says the resources sector has been the backbone of the Australian economy for decades, but the nation’s “long-term future lies in renewable energy sources”.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese says Australia must position itself to be a major player in renewable energy

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