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South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme is Australia’s Largest Battery Storage Incentive

Renew Economy reports good news for South Australia this week. The state government has announced their own Home Battery Scheme. This news follows Victoria’s announcement of the Solar Homes project.

Battery installation is expected to rise dramatically in SA with the new scheme in place.

If you’re living in SA and want more information, we’ve condensed the key details from Renew Economy’s article posted on the 8th September 2018.

What does the Home Battery Scheme involve?

Here are the key details/offerings of the scheme:

  • Government subsidies of $100 million for up to 40,000 households in SA to install battery storage in their homes.
  • Individual grants of up to $6,000 to help households purchase batteries for their home.
  • Graded subsidy levels to support lower-income households.
  • $100 million in loans from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to go towards new rooftop solar systems, expansion of current systems, and battery purchases.
  • The option for new battery owners to participate in a virtual power plant.
  • The scheme will be available from October this year.
  • See the official Home Battery Scheme website for more information.

Why is South Australia Encouraging Battery Storage?

The scheme is designed to reduce demand on the grid network and reduce electricity prices as residential solar panel installation increases in South Australia.

For more information on subsidy grading and the scheme in general, read the full article on Renew Economy.

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