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While natural gas may have once been the cheapest energy source for hot water and heating, times have changed!

Highly efficient electric heat pumps can provide your hot water and space heating (and cooling) needs.  Coupled with solar, the running costs of efficient heat pumps are lower than performing the same task with gas, especially once gas connection charges are factored in.
Solar power solutions are more affordable than ever. Increasingly, it's wise to forgo gas and create or convert it to an all-electric home.


Although gas has a reputation for burning cleaner than coal, it causes more environmental harm than many people realise. Numerous pipelines leak methane into the air, and hydraulic fracturing pollutes groundwater. Gas companies frequently need heavy equipment when connecting lines to new buildings. All-electric homes, especially those with solar, prevent many of these problems.

Electricity doesn't only reduce urban pollution; it improves air quality inside your home. You don't have to worry about dangerous gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney cleaning. All-electric buildings need fewer exhaust vents and utility connections; this reduces air leaks and pest problems. Many electrical appliances also produce less noise. These advantages make your home a safer, more comfortable and healthier place to live.

Saving Money

Efficient heat pumps produce more heat energy than the electricity consumed, usually by a factor of two to three, even in winter.  In other words, they are 200-300% efficient, whereas even the most efficient gas appliance is 90% efficient.
Because they are so efficient, heat pumps usually cost less to run than gas for hot water and space heating.  If you use a heat pump for space heating, you get space cooling in summer as a bonus.
Solar panels generate free electricity, whereas you can’t make gas.  Not having gas means one less supply charge and one less annoying bill every other month.
An all-electric house reduces your energy costs overall, especially if you also install solar. This approach dramatically decreases your environmental impact, and even live off-the-grid if desired. See our guide to home energy efficiency to learn more about reducing power consumption. If you're switching an existing residence from gas to highly efficient electric equipment, keep in mind that government rebates may help you afford the transition.


The advantages aren't only environmental or utilitarian. In combination with the latest electric appliances and fixtures, solar panels can help your house achieve an attractive modern look. The modules create a sleek black finish that enhances the appearance of your home's exterior. Your house will also look better without gas lines, exhaust vents and LPG cylinders. If you ever decide to move elsewhere, an improved appearance could increase your home's resale price.

solar panels can help your house achieve an attractive modern look.

The bottom line is that an all-electric house saves time and money while benefiting the environment and improving safety. It often enhances indoor comfort as well. You can make the most of this switch by obtaining high-quality solar panels. To get started, please use our website to find a trusted solar installer in your local area.

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