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This Portable, Solar-Powered Outlet can Stick to Windows and Charge Small Devices

Inhabitat reports that From a 2013 innovation idea that is likely not yet possible, but offers an exciting look at future possibilities as solar panel efficiencies increase due to better technology:

The Window Socket is a bright idea that is fabulously simple and it’s amazing that there is nothing like it before. The socket is designed by Kyuho Song and Boa Oh, the solar charger sticks to a window and draws solar power to an internal battery. This enables one to plug small devices into the device where it sticks. Or you can have it fully charged and use at night.

According to Yanko Design, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh tried to design a portable socket so that users can use it even without special training. The device stick to the window by way of a suction plate that surrounds the solar panel. The basic outlet feeds the stored and converted solar power to any small device, and basically that’s it. As the designers point out, the converter/ charger can be used anywhere there is daylight specifically where there is restricted use of electricity like the outdoors.

The device is still a prototype, but the designers are hoping to increase its efficiency, charge time and storage time in the future. The battery of the device is small at 1000mAh, the stored power is just enough to charge a mobile phone. And while it can give 10 hours of continuous power on a full charge, it can take about 5-8 hours to fully charge. But again, you cannot ignore the simple and awesome design of the device.

We hope that this device will be available in the future.

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