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This week in solar: Solar for All, Singapore export, and more.

1. Choosing reputable solar in Australia

ABC’s 7:30 Report recently investigated the epidemic of poor-quality solar installations taking place across Australia. This is significant given the rise in interest in solar systems among Australian consumers.

2. Community energy groups target rentals with ‘Solar for All’ campaign

A coalition of community organisations has launched a new campaign calling on governments to address the barriers to the installation of rooftop solar on rental properties, saying it is unfair that more one-third of households are locked out of the solar market.

3. Australia poised to export solar energy to Singapore

Australia could soon become a world-leader in exporting renewable energy with plans to transport solar power to Singapore. Sun Cable is the company behind the bold move, which aims to farm the power at a 15,000-hectare site at Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. It will then send the energy to Singapore via an underwater cable from Darwin.

4. Sunshine on tap as industry-scale PPA set to power NSW & ACT pubs

Hundreds of NSW & ACT pubs and hotels are set to join in a world’s first industry-scale PPA in an agreement between Australian brewing giant Lion, and French energy giant Engie.

5. Australia could aim for 700 per cent renewables, ARENA boss

“This idea of not having enough renewable energy will just be a weird concept that we had in the 2010s …  200% renewables is too small. It could be 6-7 times what we have in the NEM.”

The state government has banned solar installer Space Solar – also known as Community Energy Group – from participating in the rebate program for at least two years after it found that the company had been employing unlicensed electrical workers to “carry out works in a unsafe manner”.

7. Italian oil giant ENI buys two more solar farms in Australia

ENI has bought – from Australian-based renewable energy developer Tetris Energy – the two relatively small Batchelor and Manton Dam solar farms near Darwin in the Northern Territory, which are both sized around 12.5MW.

8. Standalone solar replaces power lines in remote WA farming community

A government-owned electricity company is taking customers off the grid by giving them standalone solar units, so they can pull down ageing and costly power lines.

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