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This Week in Solar: Solar Trust Centre Weekly Recap

Here are some solar news stories you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. Indian Energy Firm Adani Invests in Solar Plant in Australia

The Indian energy giant Adani will build a 175 megawatt solar farm later this year after getting the development approval from the Isaac Regional Council.

2. Solar Wins In Australia As Cheapest Form of Energy Production

The CET (replacing the RET after 2020) is an important part of the plan of making sure that a clean, affordable and reliable energy system can sustain the country. Solar comes out on top as being the cheapest form of energy generation in Australia.

3. Australian Wind Alliance Says Wind Power Will Trump Liddell Coal

The Australian Wind Alliance has stated that renewable energy projects that were approved or still are under construction can replace the Liddell power station that is set to retire in 2022.

4. SunWiz Reveals Record Rate in Solar Installation

Industry analysts SunWiz revealed 98 megawatts of rooftop solar have been installed in Australia for both business and homes in the month of August, making it the biggest month of the year for solar power adoption.

5. Huge Uptake in Solar Energy Lowers Risk of Electricity Shortfall

Experts and officials of the Australian Solar Council are saying the risk of a power shortage this summer are exaggerated. The fast construction times of solar PV plants make the supply shortfall null.

6. $150 Million Will Be Invested For Renewable Energy By The South Australian Government

The state is targeting zero emission by the year 2050 and working to increase energy efficiency in government buildings. Not to mention, solar rooftop installations for residential and commercial properties are at an all-time high.

7. $300 Million In Subsidies Will Be Paid to Saudi Arabian-owned Solar Farm

Australians are set to pay about $300 million in subsidies to a Saudi Arabian-owned solar farm that takes effect from the federal government’s energy reforms. This has also escalated the argument whether to cut the subsidies to keep the coal-fired power plants to stay in operation.

8. Western Australia Farming Community Is Getting Affordable Power Through Solar

Six farming households in Ravensthorpe, south of Perth, have chosen to get power from solar and solar batteries.

9. Australian National University Solar Car Presented To The Public

The Australian National University (ANU) has presented their solar car that will compete in this year’s solar car race from Darwin to Adelaide. The solar car named “Super Charge” will compete on World Solar Challenge against other solar cars from around the world.

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