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This Week in Solar: Solar Trust Centre Weekly Recap

Here are some solar news stories you may have missed from this week. Click on the links to read these stories in more detail.

1. Newcastle Waste Center To Acquire Solar Farm

A 5-megawatt farm is in the works for Summerhill Waste Management Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales. The goal of the farm is to help reduce the city’s $4 million electricity costs.

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2. EnergyAustralia’s New Monitoring System for Solar & Battery Systems

EnergyAustralia has introduced a smart solar system called “Redback” which they say should pay for itself in under 10 years. The idea behind this technology is to allow solar owners to have some control and get exactly what they want out of their system.

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3. Tesla Tiny House Continues to Promote Renewable Energy In Australia

Tesla continues its tour of Australia with a tiny house aimed at promoting renewable energy adoption.

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4. Greens Party Warns Labor About Deal That Would Protect Coal

The Greens attempted to warn the Labor Party that a clean energy target deal with the Turnbull government could lock in coal. The Greens will put forward a bill to uphold and expand the renewable energy target scheme.

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5. Australian Energy Market Operator Warns of Supply Interruptions At End of This Year

The responsibility falls to energy suppliers to encourage customers to follow some easy guidelines to reduce the risk of supply interruptions during peak time.

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6. Turnbull Wants to Bring Back Old Coal Power Plant, AGL Says No

Turnbull confirms the government seeks to extend the life of Australia’s oldest coal power plant.

AGL Chief Executive responds, saying AGL is committed to closing Liddell power station in 2022.

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7. Energy Market Operator Warns Victoria Could Face Summer Blackouts

Victorians may need to get emergency energy supplies including diesel generators to avoid possible risk of widespread blackouts this summer.

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