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Will the Total Solar Eclipse Impact Solar Grids?

Monday, August 21st at 2:41 pm, California and some other states in the United States will experience a total solar eclipse, blocking the sun and rendering solar power useless for a moment as reported by Wired.

The eclipse will not cause any major power disruptions. However, even in partial totality areas during the eclipse, solar power generation will be reduced according to analysis by the North American Reliability Corporation. California will experience one of the hardest hits. the biggest challenge for the state will not be supplementing the 6,000 megawatts with other sources, but instead on focusing on managing the sharp drop-off as the solar eclipse begins and the return to solar energy once the moon has passed from in front of the sun.

Steps being made include:

  • Grid officials have been preparing for the event for the past year with NASA and revising their original estimates of solar power losses.
  • What happens this time will help local utilities, plant operators and grid managers prepare for the next eclipse on April 8, 2024.

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