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Zen – Santos Join Forces to Ease the Power and Gas Squeeze

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The Adelaide-based Zen Energy and Santos have joined forces to roll out large-scale solar and battery farms at gas processing sites. The move will make more gas available for domestic power production to reduce the risks of blackouts in South Australia and is expected to be at least partially complete by next summer.

The two companies did not state how much they will be spending on the new plants, but Zen Energy Chairman Ross Garnaut said they could eventually result to as much as 1500 megawatts, which is equal to a large coal-fired power plant.

According to Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher, the partnership with ZEN will help in delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy to South Australia by backing up solar and battery power with natural gas. Zen Chairman Ross Garnaut, stated that the company had done all the preparatory work on a 100 megawatt-hour battery farm to support South Australia’s unstable grid ahead of Elon Musk and Cannon-Brookes’s battery farm.

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