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Australian Renewable Energy Agency Launch New Investment Plan

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has launched a new investment plan that outlines its priorities for almost $800M in funding for the coming years.

According to ARENA chief, Ivor Frischknect, the new investment plan widens the Agency’s focus. He also said that the new plan called “Innovating Energy”, set the four new priorities:

  1. Delivering a reliable and secure electricity system
  2. Accelerating solar photovoltaic innovation
  3. Improving energy productivity
  4. Exporting green and renewable energy

Frischknect also said that they are looking to adapt electricity grids to increase and enhance productivity, make the grid more flexible and better incorporate renewable energy so it can be stored and shared whenever it’s needed.

Frischknect also said that ARENA would specifically focus on research and development of Solar PVs.

Together with the new priorities, ARENA had launched a new website which can be viewed and visited here.

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