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New Consumer Trial to Unlock Grid Value in Home Solar and Storage Batteries

From the UTS Newsroom: The trial aims to harness rooftop solar and home energy storage to cut costs and improve the reliability and stability of Australia’s electricity supply.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is providing $1.87 million in funding for the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology Sydney in leading the trial. The trial will test how smart inverters can work alongside rooftop solar and residential battery storage in boosting power quality and reliability.

More than 150 electricity customers in New South Wales and Victoria will be recruited to the trial. If successful, it will not only demonstrate how solar and battery storage can support reliable networks, but also accelerate the support for rooftop solar.

Chris Dunstan, ISF Research Director, said that it is an exciting time in the energy transition. Using Australian innovation, the project will tap the crucial but little-known potential of smart inverters in improving power quality on the grid.

Ivor Frischknect, ARENA CEO, said that the agency was pleased to be supporting Networks Renewed as part of the agency’s efforts to accelerate the country’s transition to an energy system powered by renewables that will serve the needs of Australians into the future.

He also added that ARENA is at the forefront of efforts to integrate renewable energy in the country’s electricity grids and at the same time give affordable, sustainable and reliable power to Australians. Also, with the right approach, the agency sees potential for a decentralised energy revolution to improve stability on the grid while giving customers extra incentives to install solar power systems on their roofs.

ISF is partnering with Essential Energy in New South Wales and United Energy in Victoria; storage software start-up Reposit Power, solar technology provider SMA Australia, the Australian Photovoltaic Institute and Victorian and NSW Governments.

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