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Signs to Watch Out for With Solar Sellers

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The process of pursuing a new solar system should be exciting. Yes, there can be some research, phone calls and emails to get through. But ultimately these are the first steps many Aussies take to getting a rooftop solar installation that they could use for decades. While lots of people will go through this process without any dramas, it’s unfortunately true this won’t be the case for everyone. The reality is some solar sellers out there take a questionable approach to doing business.

The number of these businesses is small but significant. Sadly, they can generate some negative perceptions around solar installers in the general public’s mindset. The great majority of businesses that are good and decent in the field unfairly have to deal with this at times. But at the end of the day, it’s of course the consumer who suffers most of all, when a questionable solar business provides a shoddy installation and system to an unsuspecting buyer. That’s why for anyone looking to acquire a rooftop solar system, the following are key warning signs to watch out for when browsing.

Being Vague on Details

Specific information should be provided about components that will be in a solar system. For example, what brand of solar panels will be used. In turn, it should be easy to obtain a part number for the panels, that also includes any part number suffixes. 

It’s possible a solar business may not provide all the information that’s desired upfront,  but they should certainly be able to on request. If a solar seller is cagey about providing this information or is unable to, it’s likely a warning sign. 

Placing Pressure to Act Fast

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Businesses can have special promotions. But there’s a big difference between this being the exception versus the rule. There can indeed be solar sellers out there who appear to have a permanent ‘special promotion’ on offer. Accordingly, they try to pressure people intensely to buy their solar setups – and do so right away.

While other solar businesses may now and then look to give a call or send a follow-up email following an initial enquiry, they shouldn’t do so in a way that’s really pressuresome. If it’s discovered a business is pushing extremely hard on the sales tactics, it’s a strong reason to be wary.

Advertising Dubious Connections

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that the Clean Energy Council [CEC] has an interest in renewable energy. In turn, that those who work in the renewable energy sector keep attuned to what the CEC is doing. But this does not mean the CEC is out and about selling solar. Yet it’s known that some scammers have been name-dropping the CEC when seeking to sell.

The exact nature of these scams may vary. It may involve door-to-door salespeople or could be pursued via a phone call or email. It should be noted that perfectly legitimate solar businesses can of course conduct business in-person, via phone, email, or another method. But if there’s a solar seller suggesting it’s part of the CEC or otherwise endorsed by them? Beware!

Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

As the Solar Trust Centre team is passionate about renewables generally and solar tech especially, by many measures we feel it’s unfortunate that penning a piece like this is necessary. As aforementioned, the majority of solar sellers are fantastic. But ultimately, that’s the reason why publishing a piece like this is the right call. We’d like to see a future where great solar businesses continue to thrive, and Aussies always end up happy with the rooftop solar systems they buy.

Accordingly, as well as this piece, it’s important all solar enthusiasts become familiar with the signs of a quality solar installer. By utilising the info in this article combined with that one, there should be a really solid grasp of what to look for and what to avoid in the solar sector. In turn, once a great rooftop solar system is in place, it’s smart to then explore how to get the most out of the installation from one day to the next.

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