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Solar-powered Floating Tidal House Defies Changes in Today’s Modern Climate Challenges

Inhabitat reported that environmental and renewable energy advocates say that future homes need to be able to handle the turbulence that climate change delivers. Architecture firm Terry & Terry Architecture designed and planned the floating Tidal House to embrace environmental challenges like rising sea levels.

The design was based on the technology used in exploratory platforms and mobile offshore drilling. The floating homes can be easily transferred when needed and it combines with others to form entire communities along global coastlines. The design was made as part of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale DI Venezia at Palazzo Mora in Italy.

The concept house can flow with the tides and react to environmental changes. The legs or pegs can be deployed and retracted from the bottom by using a rack and pinion gear system. The independently-operated legs allow the whole structure to always stay balanced and positioned upright closer to the surface of the water. With the aerodynamic roof, the house can withstand strong winds and generate clean energy with its integrated PV system.

The Tidal House can be used as a prototype floating structure for entire communities connected through a floating dock. The unique environmental conditions of each house, position-dependent around the dock are addressed through the retractable legs and structural design.

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