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Test Centre for Lithium-ion Batteries Opens in Canberra

The Canberra Institute of Technology has opened a new facility which is backed by $450,000 funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), to assess the potential for residential energy storage states PV Magazine. 

According to Simon Corbell, Australian minister for the Environment and Climate Change, it is an important step in the journey towards embedding distributed storage as an important part of a renewable energy-powered grid. As the Australian Capital Territory transitions to renewable energy, it is important for households to understand how new technologies will do or perform in their house and stand the test of time. The new test facility, which will be operated with the help of local consultancy ITP Renewable, will test 8 different lithium-ion battery technologies within 3 years, in a setting that will stimulate the country’s natural environment.

Mr Corbell also added that the Australian Capital Territory is an ideal launch pad for local, domestic and international businesses looking to get a head start in this emerging industry. The investment in solar battery storage will result in substantial savings associated with meeting peak demand and will drive the development of new commercial opportunities and jobs in the region.

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