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This Week in Solar: Ground-mounted Solar System a Good Alternative to a Rooftop Installation, FIMER’s PVS-175 Inverters to Power SA Solar Farms

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1. When is a Ground-mounted Solar System a Good Alternative to a Rooftop Installation?

Ground-mounted solar systems are not just an option for massive solar farms. These systems can also be an option for those who’d like to get solar but may find – for a variety of reasons – that a rooftop solar system would not be suitable for them. There’s a number of key aspects to consider before deciding on a favorite between rooftop and ground-mounted solar – so let’s unpack them now.

2. FIMER’s PVS-175 Inverters to Power SA Solar Farms

FIMER, a global leader in solar inverter technology, was selected as a solar module provider of choice for the first two of five mid-large scale solar farms in regional South Australia. The solar farms, led by Yates Electrical Services Group (YES Group) and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure, will deliver approximately 20 MW of electricity generation to the SA grid that will power around 5,000 homes.

3. Perth suburbs chosen for $35 million virtual power plant combining solar and batteries

As summer kicks off, suburbs on Perth's fringe sharing one of Australia's highest rates of rooftop solar have been chosen for a new $35 million virtual power plant.

4. How Much More Do Renters Pay For Solar Homes In Australia?

A newly published study answers the question: “Do solar panels increase housing rents in Australia?” – and by how much. While a lot has been written (and perhaps exaggerated at times) about solar panels increasing home value in Australia, there hasn’t been much on how much they increase rental value in terms of what Australian renters are actually paying.

5. Pulling the switch: how to find a new clean energy provider in Australia

With the sale of electricity provider Powershop to Shell, many customers drawn to good climate credentials are pondering their options. Since multinational energy giant Royal Dutch Shell expanded into Australia’s residential electricity market by purchasing our greenest power company, Powershop Australia, many of Powershop’s 185,000 customers have apparently considered jumping ship.

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