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This Week in Solar: Renewables at a glance: Australia’s biggest up-and-coming projects, Australian Solar Panel Redistribution Initiative Helping Africa.

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1. Why $0 Cost Installations Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

While most solar installers in Australia are quality businesses that seek to really deliver for their customers, unfortunately, there’s a small but noticeable number of operations that engage in some questionable practices. For any reader currently considering a solar installation, it’s important to know some of the issues that can exist surrounding $0 cost installations

2. Renewables at a glance: Australia’s biggest up-and-coming projects

As the impacts of climate change worsen and put Australia’s energy future under the microscope, renewables are set to play a significant part in the country’s pathway to a low-emissions future. Utility has collated Australia’s most ambitious renewable projects across batteries, bioenergy, solar, wind and hydro, to reveal how the country is making the most of its abundant resources.

As the effects of climate change start to unfold in real-time, Australia is investing in the renewable energy industry.

3. Australian Solar Panel Redistribution Initiative Helping Africa

Good quality solar panels have a service life spanning decades. But as Australians upgrade their systems, some or all of the existing panels may not be used. The unwanted modules are usually either stockpiled awaiting recycling services being available/affordable or head to landfill.

But Queensland’s Solahart Hervey Bay has made better use of these discarded panels by partnering with the Alight Project, a QLD non-profit helping to make solar energy accessible to African communities without access to reliable mains grid electricity, or no access whatsoever.

4. The changing landscape of the modular marketplace

The modular solar marketplace is growing, especially in Australia where remote mining and agricultural sites appreciate the benefits of compact, moveable solar. One new entrant is Western Australia’s CDI Energy with its “Rapid Solar Module”, which CDI founder and CEO Darryl Bower told pv magazine is up to 30% cheaper than fixed axis alternatives.

5. What is green hydrogen, how does green ammonia fit in, and could they pave Australia’s way to a renewable future?

Green hydrogen — it might sound like something out of a Superman comic but one of Australia’s richest men is betting on the substance to make Australia a world leader in renewable energy while creating jobs in the process.

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