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This Week in Solar: Safety concerns drive solar module transport solution

1. Safety concerns drive solar module transport solution

Safety when transporting solar PV modules from warehouse to job site is an ongoing issue for installers but one Queensland solar company has designed and manufactured a simple yet effective racking system that helps allay those concerns.

2. UniSA works to ensure renewable energy dream doesn’t become recycling nightmare

With increasing numbers of decommissioned solar PV modules threatening a waste management nightmare, researchers at the University of South Australia are spearheading a national push to establish a stewardship scheme designed to manage the impacts of PV systems through their life cycle.

3. Renewables need land – and lots of it. That poses tricky questions for regional Australia

Renewable energy capacity in Australia is expected to double, or even triple, over the next 20 years. There is one oft-overlooked question in this transition: where will it all be built?

4. Australia gives new priority status to AU$22bn renewable energy export project

An Australian solar-plus-storage project that aims to supply 20% of Singapore’s electricity demand has been marked as a priority initiative by advisory group Infrastructure Australia.

5. Plenti launches renewable energy interest-free BNPL finance

Plenti Group Limited is pleased to announce the launch of specialist interest-free (also described as buy now pay later (BNPL)) finance for renewable energy technology, extending the company’s popular renewable energy finance product suite.

6. Energy from Waste – A load of rubbish or a viable solution to landfill?

Like many developed countries, Australia is faced with the challenge of how to dispose of its household waste. Whilst the separation of garbage into different categories to aid recycling, through the “three bin” system adopted by a number of local councils, has gained some momentum, it is only a drop in the ocean in terms of a solution when considering the volume of rubbish which still finds its way into landfill in Australia.

7. Turnbull to chair Fortescue’s ambitious renewable energy business

Iron ore giant Fortescue Metals Group’s ambitious Fortescue Future Industries wants to build a renewable energy portfolio of more than 235 GW. The ambition, combined with the apparently bullish effort of Fortescue executives in recent months, has garnered headlines, and now Fortescue has announced former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former National Intelligence chief Nick Warner as part of its team.

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