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This Week in Solar: Signs it’s Time to Think About Upgrading your Rooftop Solar System, Weather Resilient Backup Power Systems, Microgrids Planned for VIC

This Week in Solar: What Actually Drives Down Solar Costs, Federal Government's Historic Climate Change Bill Passes Parliament to Legislate Emissions Reduction Target

1. Signs it’s Time to Think About Upgrading Your Rooftop Solar System

Rooftop solar systems are brilliant pieces of clean and green technology that can bring many benefits to a home. For many new solar system owners, they’re right now in their first year of enjoying such benefits. But for the households that have older solar systems, the experience can be a bit different. Make no mistake, a quality solar system that was installed by a quality solar installer - whether it's 6 months old or 6 years old - should still be performing each day.

2. Weather resilient backup power systems, microgrids planned for VIC

$7.5 million for backup power systems, and $9.8 million for rural microgrids are part of the Victorian Government’s new plans for increasing energy network resilience and future-proofing infrastructure against weather systems.

3. REC Group Celebrates Australian Landing of Alpha Pure-R at All-Energy Australia

REC is set to mark the Australian arrival of its newest and most innovative panel, the Alpha Pure-R at All-Energy Australia this October. The all-new REC Alpha Pure-R provides even better power output without increasing size using REC’s latest innovation and advancements. The design is ideal for residential and commercial rooftop installations where space is limited.

4. Renewed calls for renewable energy storage scheme to address firming shortfall

A looming energy storage shortfall has promoted renewed calls from the renewable energy industry for a national renewable energy storage scheme. The scheme would consist of a series of large-scale project tenders designed to unleash desperately needed investment.

5. VIC Libs Pledge To Pause Electric Vehicle Tax

Victoria’s unpopular EV tax will take a back seat for a bit if the Liberals/Nationals emerge victorious in next month’s state election. A user-pays charge was implemented for Victorian-registered zero and low-emissions vehicles (ZLEVs) by the Andrews Government in July 2021; which at the time was described as the “worst EV policy in the world“.