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This Week in Solar: The Ins and Outs of Off-Grid Solar, Record levels of renewable energy drive down electricity prices across Australia

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1. The Ins and Outs of Off-grid Solar

 Off-grid solar appeals to many people, for many reasons. There is often a desire to go an extra step in support of solar power. To have some additional protection from grid issues. There can also just be the desire to establish a power source that’s for one household alone and 100% independent of the grid.

But there’s much more to off-grid solar than simply adding a few more panels and disconnecting from the grid. Read our latest blog and let’s now go through the ins and outs of off-grid solar.

2. Record levels of renewable energy drive down electricity prices across Australia

Record levels of renewable energy drove down electricity prices across Australia in the September quarter, with prices zero or negative for one-sixth of the time, the Australian Energy Market Operator has said in its latest report.

3. Solar farm output overloads national grid, sparking calls for accelerated transmission

There has been a seismic shift in Australia’s electricity network as a glut of solar energy turns the spotlight on an overwhelmed national power grid.

As homeowners embrace rooftop panels like a national sport and solar farms pop up across the country, renewable power output is outpacing the means of transmission.

4. Rio Tinto outlines 6GW Australia renewables plan

Global mining giant Rio Tinto has outlined plans to decarbonize some of its Australian operations by using wind and solar power. 

It expects to spend around AUS$7.5bn (€4.8bn) indirect capital expenditure decarbonizing Rio Tinto’s assets from 2022 to 2030.

5. Proposed southern Alberta coal mine could become renewable energy complex instead

One of the Australian companies that had proposed bringing coal mining back to the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains now says it may build a green hydrogen facility on the site instead.

6. Australian Solar Panel Manufacturing: Supply Security and Economic Growth

Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer, Tindo Solar in South Australia, has invested millions into a new factory and production line as it hopes to produce enough panels to meet the growing demand for Australian-made panels. Twenty years ago, Australia had a burgeoning solar manufacturing industry, but this was short-lived. China now accounts for roughly 70% of global solar panel production, compared to Australia’s dismal 0.3% share. However, with news of a China supply crunch, could local manufacturing provide a lucrative opportunity and a long-term solution for supply security?

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