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Tokyo Energy Firm to Invest in Australia’s Largest Power Storage Plant

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A $1 billion solar energy project in Australia will be using the biggest storage facilities in the world, with Japan and other Western firms financing the project as reported by the Nikkei Asian Review.

Here are the main details for the project:

  • The project includes a 250-megawatt plant in South Australia
  • The site will use a 100- megawatts lithium-ion battery storage system
  • The battery storage capacity will be almost the same as the wind farm battery system from Tesla
  • Once the planned power plant is complete, the power generated will be sold to local Australian utilities.

Tokyo-based JERA has signed on to the project. JERA will partner with US-based energy storage Technology Company Fluence. Australian renewable energy company Lyon Group will complete the joint venture for the project.

The plant is expected to be complete by 2019 and will generate 550 megawatts.

Click here to read the full story on The Nikkei Asian Review

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