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Australian Energy Market Operator Warns of Supply Interruptions At End of This Year

The public looks for someone to look to as the Australian Energy Market Operator warns we could experience supply interruptions at the end of this year, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

There are a few major players in the Australian energy debate:

  • Elon Musk, with his commitment to developing clean energy such as the large battery project in South Australia.
  • Dr Finkel, with his clean energy target recommendations.
  • Other experts who believe hydroelectric schemes are the way to go.
  • The Turnbull government’s idea to extend the life of coal-fire power stations.

Coal-fire power stations might seem like the simple option, but they would throw Australia’s renewable energy efforts down the drain.

The SMH presents another opportunity to heal this debate: “demand management”. The responsibility falls to energy suppliers to encourage customers to follow some easy guidelines to reduce the risk of supply interruptions during peak time.

Click here to read the full story on the Sydney Morning Herald site and learn how you can help the energy crisis in your own home.


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