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South Australia Announced More Battery Power for The State

South Australia Announced More Battery Power for The State

South Australia is on a roll as another big scale storage battery will be installed in the mid-north region where the Tesla and Neoen big battery is located as reported by ABC News.

Energy firm Tilt Renewables will connect a solar and battery system to their existing wind farm. The firm is also planning to construct a pumped-hydro storage project.

Here are the main project details:

  • The planned 300 megawatts/1350 megawatt-hours has the capacity to store and exceed the output of the state’s temporary-diesel-fired power plant for up to 4.5 hours.
  • The Snowtown project will be supported by the state’s taxpayers and through a $7.1 million grant from the state renewable fund.
  • The solar farm will produce 44 megawatts and 21 megawatt/26megawatt-hours for the battery.
  • The proposed battery project will be 1/5 as powerful and will have 1/5 of the Tesla and Neone storage, which is already active and helping the electricity grid.

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