Solar Trust Centre

Solar Trust Centre is an Australian based, renewable energy, predominantly solar focussed education resource.

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Michelle Leishman

Q&A with Professor Michelle Leishman

Q&A with Professor Michelle Leishman: The Importance of Green Cities, Renewable Energy, and...

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Australian Renewable Energy

Australian Energy 101: Explaining AEMO’s Decision to Suspend the Spot Market

On Wednesday June 15 2022 the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) announced that under...

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The Relationship Between Renewables, Climate Change, and Insurance

At the outset it may seem like the link between renewables, climate change, and insurance...

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The Power Behind the Uaroo Renewable Energy Hub

Recently news arose of a plan by Fortescue - commonly known as being one of Australia’s...

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Redefining the Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Renewable Energy in Australia

Renewable energy and cryptocurrency are two sectors that are presently seeing major growth....

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