Solar Trust Centre

Solar Trust Centre is an Australian based, renewable energy, predominantly solar focussed education resource.


Redefining the Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Renewable Energy in Australia

Renewable energy and cryptocurrency are two sectors that are presently seeing major growth. Although they’re certainly very different in many ways, there is also some...

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Rooftop Solar System

Can I Have a Rooftop Solar System and a Solar Hot Water Heater?

In the space of a few short years, rooftop solar power has gone from being something that’s...

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Solar Power and Rooftop Garden Combination

We Dig It: The Solar Power and Rooftop Garden Combination

When it comes to enhancing an Australian rooftop we feel there is no better way to go about it...

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Electric bike

The Road Ahead for Solar Power and the Electric Bike

Cycling is a fantastic way to get in a workout, participate in sport, and make a commute.

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Why Solar Calculators are Usually Bollocks

It’s no secret solar businesses want to sell solar products. They also want to continue to...

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Electric Vehicles and the Great Aussie Road Trip

Australia has a great tradition surrounding the road trip. But it’s also the case that while...

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